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It is important to know the key points of IPv4 buyng procedure for potential clients:

1) The buyer becomes the owner of the network officially only after the data in the database will be updated by RIPE.

2) In the case of purchase of a gray network the buyer is responsible for any problems associated with its use. Usually after the renewal of the subnet successfully and quickly removed from any blacklist on the Internet, because already belongs to the new company.

3) After the transaction of sale the buyer should make sure that he knows the passwords of all the MNT that close the objects. To avoid any nuances, it is strongly recommended immediately after the transaction to change the passwords on all MNT.

4) In the process of IPv4 buy transaction the buyer should determine with LIR. Its LIR sends all documents for re-registration at the RIPE Network. Objects can be left on the support at the current LIR.

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We fully take care of all the legal part of the sale of IP addresses. We know and comply with all the rules and the RIPE NCC policy, and we participate actively in the discussion and implementation, especially regarding procedures for possible renewal, sale, transfer of IP addresses.

  • We guarantee your privacy until the beginning of the transaction.

  • We are responsible for all stages of official transactions and conduct its own review of all the parties to the transaction to avoid any discrepancies with the IP addresses sale procedure.

  • We start sales transaction only after the transfer of funds to our account of the Buyer.

  • We guarantee to the seller friendly way and method of payments.